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Anxiety Relief

A Bit Anxious To Visit The Dentist? 

Fear Stopping You From Getting A Check-up?

How We Treat Anxious Patients
At Zen Dental Studio​

We Are Here For You

Your dentist at Zen Dental Studio who will be more than pleased to answer questions or concerns

We Will Investigate First

We will make sure to explore all other options and explain its level of comfortableness to put you at ease

What We Do For You

Diagnosis and management of the cause of the problem is the most important step towards effective treatment

We Are At Your Service

If you need someone to soothe you through your visit we will gladly be here to hold your hand and help you relax

Give You All The Options

We believe in providing accurate and detailed information of options available along with the risks

5 Reasons Why To Choose Us


Endless Possibilities

Highly Trained Team

Dentists with over 25 years of experience and team delivering a world class experience.


Here For Everyone

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Every treatment is done using the latest technology and skill set.


Relax & be zen

Interest-Free Payment Plans

We make it affordable to get your treatment done today and pay it over time.


Make it feel like home

5.0 Google Rating

We’ve been chosen as one of the highest rated practice by our patients. We will look after you like our family.


Shining Bright Smile

Refreshing Zen Vibes

Our dental studio has a sense of refreshment, calmness and tranquility. We operate under a stress-free and friendly environment so that patients can enjoy a tranquil dental experience on every visit.

At Zen Dental Studio, our team works to ensure our clinic is a friendly environment, that’s completely stress-free.

A key principle at our practice is listening, which is why we provide complementary, no pressure consultations with patients. By first listening to our patients’ concerns and desires, this allows us to properly create effective treatment plans that are suited to our patients’ individual needs.


Anxiety Relief

  • Do dental visits cause you anxiety or a feeling of fear?

    Do not worry if you feel this way. We meet patients on a daily basis who feel exactly like you. It is quite common for the dental profession to hear that people hate going to the dentist. You may have had a previous bad experience, treated quickly or roughly, or genuinely do not like the sound of the drills or the cold water sprays that cause sensitivity during a dental clean appointment. We understand your anxiety and have designed Zen Dental Studio to help you.

  • What are the solutions for dental anxiety at Zen Dental Studio?

    At Zen Dental Studio, we try to take a humane approach towards dental anxiety. Anxiety is deep rooted and we have trained extensively in advanced techniques to help you reduce your anxiety levels.

  • How much does my health insurance cover?

    Majority of the times we can check your expected out of pocket costs on the day of appointment with our HICAPS instant claims machine so that you have peace of mind.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a gas, commonly known as ‘happy gas’ or ‘laughing gas’. Giving nitrous oxide is a way to help reduce a person’s pain and anxiety during dental treatment. You will breathe the gas through a small mask on your nose.

Do I need another person to drive me home?

No, Nitrous Oxide does not require you to be assisted for driving after your treatment .

The effect of the gas is diminished after the gas has been appropriately stopped and you feel normal after around 5-10 minutes of stopping the procedure. Both Dr. Priyanka and Jay are certified to provide Nitrous Oxide relative analgesia at Zen Dental Studio. However, if you feel more comfortable, you can bring along someone to help you home.

Is Conscious sedation and general anaesthesia the same thing?

Conscious sedation is a term that involves nitrous oxide, pills or twilight sedation. It is different to general anaesthesia and can be done at Zen dental studio. Even with deep sedation, you won’t be unconscious, as you would be with general anaesthesia.

What is Twilight Sleep Sedation?

This is different to general anesthesia. With twilight sedation, the recovery after a procedure is much shorter and quicker. This has to be administered to you by an anaesthetist which we will organise for patients looking for sedation dentistry solutions. This mild anaesthetic will allow patients to feel fully relaxed throughout the dental procedure, and even undergo a short nap throughout the procedure. You must organise for someone else to drive you home after sleep dentistry. Depending upon the procedure, the level of sedation may range from minimal (you will feel drowsy but be able to talk) to deep (you probably wont remember the procedure)

Why is twilight sedation much more expensive than Nitrous Oxide laughing gas?

Twilight sedation is administered by an anesthetist. The fees are paid directly to the anesthetist for their time, part of which can be claimed via medicare. We organise their visit and times and they will be present throughout the procedure.

We give you all the options:

At Zen Dental Studio we believe in providing accurate and detailed information of the procedure and the options available along with the risks, benefits and the financial costs.

What are the different techniques we use at the practice?

A calming and relaxed atmosphere at Zen Dental Studio like no other

Very often, we get compliments on how non-clinical our holistic space looks which instantly provides a calming feeling.

These include a dental space created especially for you. When you arrive at our studio, it is unlike a dental clinic, but instead feels homely and welcoming.

  • TV above you with a great choice of Netflix Movies, TV Shows, Videos, Live TV and Music.
  • Noise cancelling headphones connected to the TV or your own device.
  • Warm water through the waterlines to counter sensitivity during cleans and other dental procedures.
  • Dental chair has a special Slow quiet mode so that patients don’t get anxious or feel uncomfortable while being reclined.
  • Quiet handpieces with special motors to reduce noise and vibrations during dental procedures.
  • Aroma diffusers to help reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Latest equipment and materials to quicken procedure times.
  • Choice of tea, coffee or juice during your visit.

Specialised Behaviour management techniques

  • Virtually pain free dentistry using distraction techniques learnt through courses and experience
  • Hypnosis to overcome dental anxiety

Sedation assisted dentistry

  • Oral sedatives (No extra Cost)*
  • Relative Anelgesia with Nitrous oxide (Happy gas) (Cost: $75 per 30 min)
  • Twilight sleep sedation (Anaesthetist charges are between $600-1000/hour)

Contact Zen Dental Studio for information

If you are afraid of the dentist and would like to book in for an appointment, with a special request for sedation. To do so call us on (07) 3353 0488 or click here.

This above description provides general information about anxiety relief. It does not contain all known facts about this subject and is not intended to replace advice from your dentist. If you are not sure about any aspect of diagnosis or treatment regarding sedation, talk to your dentist at Zen Dental Studio who will be more than pleased to answer questions or concerns. Give your dentist your complete expectations, dental and medical history, as well as oral hygiene and diet history. This will help your dentist work with you during your consultation in deciding on the best course of action to reduce your anxiety.

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