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Smile Makeover

Want To Restore Your Smile? 

Looking To Enhance Your Beauty?

Smile Makeover At Zen Dental Studio​

Rejuvenate Your Smile

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We use the latest generation high-tech technology for your smile makeover

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Smile Makeover procedures are often easily applied with great results

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Our Work With Smile Makeovers

Smile makeover beforeSmile makeove after
Before & After Discoloured and Decayed RestorationsBefore & After Discoloured and Decayed Restorations

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Smile Makeovers are a great way to transform your smile to perfection

The smile makeover package completely restores and improves the appearance of your entire smile

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing a smile transformed. Obtaining a beautiful smile based on your personal desires is my top focus as we work together to help you achieve your dream smile”


About Smile Makeovers

Who requires a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

There are a number of people who have severe dental problems. This must be treated comprehensively with a final result that improves both function and aesthetics. These patients may exhibit multiple or all missing teeth, numerous teeth with large fillings that are failing or exhibiting decay, cracked or broken teeth, or badly worn teeth due to teeth grinding, medical conditions or other habits.

  • What is a smile makeover?

    In general, any dental treatment that affects aesthetics and/or function of multiple teeth in the mouth is called a smile transformation or full mouth reconstruction.

  • What is involved in the process of a smile transformation?

    A smile makeover either for aesthetic reason or functional or a combination of the two involves a detailed process.

    First will be a detailed understanding of your concerns and the dental issues present will be noted. Time will be given to understand the physical and psychological impact this dental problem has had. This can be a challenging and an emotional process and our dentist at Zen Dental Studio will guide you through the process.

    A complete examination and assessment will be carried out. This will most likely involve a set of records including x-rays, study models, photographs as well as other records.

    A proper plan will be drafted with various treatment options to suit an individual’s needs and time frame in which the treatment is to be completed will be outlined.

  • Does the process hurt?

    Typically, patients are under local anaesthetic and possibly sedation for the whole process. There should be no pain during the procedure once numbness takes effect. With smaller cases, there will be very little or no discomfort after the numbness subsides. Patients should expect some soreness of the gums and possibly the jaw in cases that involve multiple teeth. The soreness can typically be controlled with over-the-counter medications.

What treatments can be included in a smile makeover?

The following attached treatments are commonly used in conjunction to form a smile makeover package, depending on your needs.

Contact Zen Dental Studio for information

If you are interested in getting a smile makeover, then contact the friendly team at Zen Dental Studio to ask any questions or to book in for a consultation. We can identify any treatments that you will require as part of your package.

For more information, or to book in for an appointment, please call our friendly team on (07) 3353 0488 or click here.

This above description provides general information about the smile makeover procedure. It does not contain all known facts about this subject and is not intended to replace advice from your dentist. If you are not sure about any aspect of diagnosis or treatment regarding teeth whitening, talk to your dentist at Zen Dental Studio who will be more than pleased to answer questions or concerns. Give your dentist your complete expectations, dental and medical history, as well oral hygiene and diet history. This will help your dentist work with you during your free aesthetic consultation in deciding on the best course of action for your smile.

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