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Root Canal Treatments

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Root Canal Treatments
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Root canal treatment aims to remove the pulp, including the nerves and infection from below the gum line.

A key principle at our practice is listening, which is why we provide complementary, no pressure consultations with patients. By first listening to our patients’ concerns and desires, this allows us to properly create effective treatment plans that are suited to our patients’ individual needs.


The root canal treatment process:

Root Canal Process in steps at Zen Dental Studio

Root Canal Treatments

  • What is root canal treatment?

    Root canal treatment (RCT) is a procedure carried out on a tooth that becomes infected or inflamed and cannot recover on its own.

    A RCT is treatment of the root canals which includes cleaning followed by filling of the canals when they get infected or damaged due to decay, a crack in the tooth, wearing down or trauma.

  • What is the cost of a root canal treatment?

    Cost of the root canal depends on the number of canals a tooth has and thus, on the number of canals needing to be treated.

    Teeth in the front of the mouth have single roots while teeth at the back can have 4 or rarely even more root canals.

    Our charges for root canal treatment start from $800 for single root canals and can increase upto $1800 depending upon the tooth. We understand that this is a wide range, and thus after a dental examination of the tooth as well as relevant x-rays, a thorough up-front cost estimate will be provided before any treatment is commenced.

  • A root canal treatment is so expensive – why should I spend that much money on 1 tooth?

    When judging the cost of a root canal procedure, it is important to consider the long-term cost benefits. A root canal procedure, performed correctly with sterile precautions, can last a long time. The alternative to a root canal procedure often is removal of a tooth. Even though tooth removal costs lesser, the long-term impact of even a single tooth loss may be significant.

    Tooth removal may lead to movement of other teeth, cause excessive chewing forces on other teeth which may lead to quicker wear and tear or may affect the chewing ability for a patient. Replacement of a lost tooth can sometimes cost much more financially as well as functionally. This is why, we at Zen Dental Studio, let you make an informed choice after detailed planning taking care of your financial, functional and personal situation, including payment plan options.

  • How much does my health insurance cover?

    Majority of the times we can check your expected out of pocket costs on the day of appointment with our HICAPS unit so that you have peace of mind. A proper diagnosis with the help of some radiographs and tests will have to be performed to know exactly what is required as every tooth and patient are different.

The signs you need root canal treatment

The following are signs that you may need a root canal:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • Severe toothache
  • Tooth changes in colour
  • Inflammation of the gums surrounding the tooth
  • Sores or ulcers on surrounding gum tissue
  • How many times will I need to attend for a root canal treatment.

    Majority of times, we can complete the entire root canal procedure in a single visit. With the latest equipment including treatment under magnification with lighting, we can complete all steps safely and efficiently.

  • The alternative is a tooth extraction

    If you would like to save the tooth, the root canal procedure is the only appropriate treatment to try and salvage the tooth from extraction.

    The good news is, in some cases, a tooth that is treated by a root canal can last a lifetime if it’s properly cared for and good oral hygiene is maintained.

  • Does a root canal treatment need a crown?

    Yes, in most cases. This helps reinforce a tooth and helps improve success rate. Ask us about our conservative options regarding dental crowns.

  • How to care for the tooth after root canal

    Straight after the procedure, you may experience little pain, but it should go away quickly.

    You should take care of the tooth the same way as before, by brushing twice, flossing and rinsing daily.

  • Does root canal treatment hurt?

    With modern anaesthesia and the latest endodontic technology, the root canal procedure is almost painless.

    The fear many people have surrounding root canal treatments comes from the past when modern anaesthesia was not available, and the techniques were older.

Contact Zen Dental Studio for information

If you have symptoms of an infected pulp, please contact the Zen Dental Studio team by calling on (07) 3353 0488 or click here. It’s important to visit the dentist as soon as possible, before the infection worsens, leading to extraction being the only appropriate option.

This above description provides general information about root canal treatment. It does not contain all known facts about this subject and is not intended to replace advice from your dentist. If you are not sure about any aspect of diagnosis or treatment regarding root canal treatment, talk to your dentist at Zen Dental Studio who will be more than pleased to answer questions or concerns. Give your dentist your complete expectations, dental and medical history, as well oral hygiene and diet history. This will help your dentist work with you during your consultation in deciding on the best course of action for your tooth.

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