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Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure
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Wisdom tooth extraction is required when they do not erupt through the gum smoothly.

A key principle at our practice is listening, which is why we provide complementary, no pressure consultations with patients. By first listening to our patients’ concerns and desires, this allows us to properly create effective treatment plans that are suited to our patients’ individual needs.


Wisdom Tooth Removal

  • What are wisdom teeth?

    Wisdom teeth or third molars are the last teeth in the very back of your mouth. They generally start to come through or erupt during late teenage years to early adulthood. Some people may not have all 4 wisdom teeth, or may have none at all.

  • What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

    If there is not enough space in the mouth, wisdom teeth may start growing at an angle instead of coming through upright. If a wisdom tooth gets stuck under your gum or doesn’t have enough room to break through the gum, it’s considered “impacted.” Impacted wisdom teeth are more prone to disease, tooth decay, cysts and other dental problems.

  • When do I need to get my wisdom teeth removed?

    Wisdom teeth removal are often indicated when there is a problem or they may be removed prophylactically if there is concern that it may lead to potential problems. Sometimes, monitoring and observing wisdom teeth positioning may be all that is required.

What are the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth?

Not all people with impacted wisdom teeth will have any noticeable problems. Others however may experience obvious symptoms. 

Impacted wisdom teeth may erupt partly through the gum and a small portion of tooth may be seen in the gum tissue. This is known as a partially impacted wisdom tooth. Due to the position, food can become trapped between the gums or the adjacent teeth, making cleaning more difficult, and leading to decay. When the tooth presses on the surrounding teeth and gums, it can cause pressure pain in the area. 

If the tooth becomes infected or causes other issues, you may have symptoms such as:

  • pain or swelling around the jaw
  • red, swollen, or bleeding gums
  • bad breath
  • an unpleasant taste in your mouth
  • problems opening your mouth

In other cases, the affected tooth may never break through the gums and remains in the surrounding jaw bone. This is known as a fully impacted wisdom tooth.

  • Can all 4 wisdom teeth be removed in the same appointment?

    Yes, if indicated and agreed between you and indicated by our highly qualified dentist at Zen Dental studio.

  • Do I need to see a specialist for wisdom teeth removal?

    Sometimes, wisdom teeth can be very difficult to remove. In such cases, it maybe better to refer a patient to a specialist Oral Surgeon for removal. This is to ensure our patients get the best care possible and to minimise post-operative problems.

Are there any potential implications of wisdom tooth removal?

Yes, any surgical procedure carries risks. However, the chances of complications after wisdom tooth removal is relatively low if a thorough examination was completed, including radiographs and planning.

Potential complications include:

  • Nerve trauma
  • Infection
  • Fever
  • Difficulty opening the mouth
  • Damage to other areas of the mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Sinus issues
  • Bleeding
  • Dry socket (when a blood clot fails to form over extraction site)

However, remember that if appropriate care and planning is undertaken, the chances of complications occurring are fairly low.

  • Will wisdom teeth removal hurt?

    Simple wisdom teeth removal is generally easier to remove. Impacted wisdom teeth need raising your gum, removal of bone over the wisdom tooth and then removal of the wisdom tooth. Some post-operative pain and discomfort is expected as this is a minor surgical procedure.

    If you opt in, for an additional fee, healing cells from your blood can be taken from your arm and placed in the tooth removal site. This specialised procedure generally speeds up recovery and reduces post-operative pain and swelling.

  • Do I need to go under general anaesthetic or to hospital for wisdom tooth removal?

    At Zen Dental Studio, we provide a calming atmosphere for your comfort. Generally, wisdom teeth can be safely removed under local anaesthetic at the clinic.

How much will it cost?

Wisdom teeth extractions cost between $250 to $450 depending upon the procedure required to remove the tooth. Complete transparency of costs will be maintained at all times.

How much does my health insurance cover?

We can check your expected out of pocket costs on the day of appointment with our HICAPS instant claims machine before commencing treatment, so that you have peace of mind.

What payment plan options are available?

At Zen Dental Studio, we have various payment plan options available. Please refer to our Payments plan page for more information.

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Suburbs we help in Brisbane:

If your impacted wisdom teeth are causing you a problem and you live in Brisbane, Bridgeman Downs, McDowall, Carseldine, Albany Creek, Chermside West, Zillmere, Everton Park, Aspley, or surrounding suburbs, then get it removed with the help of expert dentists.

At Zen Dental Studio we believe in providing accurate and detailed information of the procedure and the options available along with the risks, benefits and the financial costs involved.

If you have issues with your wisdom teeth and would like to book a consultation to have them check out then please call our friendly team on (07) 3353 0488 or click here.

This above description provides general information about wisdom tooth removal. It does not contain all known facts about this subject and is not intended to replace advice from your dentist. If you are not sure about any aspect of diagnosis or treatment regarding your problem, talk to your dentist at Zen Dental Studio who will be more than pleased to answer questions or concerns. Give your dentist your complete expectations, dental and medical history, as well as oral hygiene and diet history. This will help your dentist work with you during your dental appointment in deciding on the best course of action for you.

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