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Oral Health Check

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Oral Health Check
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About Oral Health Check

If followed regularly, preventive maintenance visits at Zen Dental Studio, tailored to your individual needs, can be engaging, fun and pain free. This is because we are detecting problems early and minimum intervention is necessary to correct at this early stage.

  • What is an Oral Health Check?

    An Oral health check is an important health measure that a patient can undertake to ensure their teeth, jaw, gums, bite and smile are in a healthy state.

  • When do I need an Oral Health Check?

    You should be visiting the dentist every six months for a check-up to make sure your oral health is not being impacted by any underlying issues.

    A patient may not want to necessarily have a clean performed at the first dental appointment.

    Instead, a detailed and comprehensive plan outlining any problematic teeth may be sought. An oral health check is a comprehensive way of making a detailed treatment plan and then staging treatment according to what is needed. Anyone who has not been to a dentist for a while, may benefit from an Oral Health Check.

  • What does an Oral Health Check involve?

    An oral health check involves a comprehensive dental examination, oral cancer screening, saliva testing(if needed), x-rays(if needed), photographs, diet chart, and a detailed medical & dental history.

    X-rays see more than the naked eye

    You will never detect every dental issue without the use of technology because not all issues form above the gum line.

    The dentist will use x-ray imaging technology to have a look below your gum line to actively search for any dental issues. Some people require dental x-rays every six months; however, most people will only need x-rays every couple of years.

We, at Zen Dental Studio, give you all the options:

At Zen Dental Studio we believe in providing accurate and detailed information of the procedure and the options available along with the risks, benefits and the financial costs.

  • What happens after an Oral Health Check?

    If everything is stable and healthy, a periodic follow up health check will be recommended. If any treatment is required, a detailed and customised plan will be made and treatment can be carried out in stages in order of priority. This will generally be divided into any emergency treatment first, followed by hygiene, restorative and maintenance phases.

  • How much does my health insurance cover?

    Majority of the times we can check your expected out of pocket costs before treatment on the day of your appointment with our HICAPS unit so that you have peace of mind.

Contact Zen Dental Studio for information

When was your last dental appointment? If it was more than six months ago, it’s time to call our friendly team on (07) 3353 0488 or click here. We will get on top of your dental health with an oral health check to ensure it’s excellent and you have the best oral hygiene you possible can have.

This above description provides general information about an oral health check. It does not contain all known facts about this subject and is not intended to replace advice from your dentist. If you are not sure about any aspect of diagnosis or treatment regarding your dental problem, talk to your dentist at Zen Dental Studio who will be more than pleased to answer questions or concerns. Give your dentist your complete expectations, dental and medical history, as well as oral hygiene and diet history. This will help your dentist work with you during your dental appointment in deciding on the best course of action for you.

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